What People are Saying About Joanne Spataro

Mike Wall, Founder of Epic Notion

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“Everyone is a writer these days. Just go online and try to keep up with the tidal wave of posts, comments, blogs, and terribly boring content. With this much noise online it can be difficult to stand out. When we need something creative that will emerge above the sea of average content we turn to Joanne. Joanne always brings personality and a unique approach to her writing. She has a natural gift of creating original content that demands attention and makes an impact. Stop drowning and let Joanne throw you a life preserver.”

Sarah Olin, Founder of Luscious Mother Coaching for Moms

Sarah and Mirabelle Momsday

“Joanne is an absolute gift. She has completely changed the way I connect and communicate with my community. She has taken over my newsletter (which was already good) and turned it into something fantastic. She supports me with business strategy, looking at the big picture and paying attention to what my audience, clients and future clients want and need. She is efficient, a total professional and makes you sound and look better than you ever have. I could not recommend anyone more highly!”

Katie Coleman,
CharlotteFive Lead Content Editor | Magazines Digital Editor

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“Working with Joanne is a breeze. She has no issue juggling multiple clients and projects at the same time and doesn’t miss deadline. She injects personality into copy, while staying on-brand for each piece. On our product geared toward millennials, Joanne’s articles consistently draw interest from readers, leading to turnover for our advertisers. With Joanne I know she’ll get the job done and it will be done well.”

Trish Saemann, GoBeyond SEO


“Finding strong writers is not an easy feat.  We have used Upwork and several other freelance sites to find writers.  Many of those writers were either poor quality or far too expensive.  Joanne is an excellent writer who listens carefully to the needs of her clients.  I found her price point to be fair and we appreciated her willingness to be flexible.  What’s more, her personality is genuine and comfortable.  We found working with her to be a true pleasure. I’d recommend her work without reservation.”