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In my editorial work, I focus on social justice, wellness and pop culture. I love when all three come together in one piece.

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The Risks of Traveling While Queer. [The New York Times] A road trip in America can be a dangerous proposition for LGBTQ people. In my op-ed for The New York Times’ Sunday Review, I discuss my own personal story: How stopping for gas can turn into a life or death experience.

Searching for the Future of Drag at RuPaul’s DragCon. [ViceAt the first RuPaul’s DragCon in New York City, I tracked down Trixie Mattel and other queens and fashion designers. What’s in store for drag?

trixie mattel

How to Make Art Out of a Mastectomy. [Vice] Equinox model and Last Cut writer Samantha Paige talks about her photo in a striking new ad campaign and what it means for other women.


The New Porn That’s Better for Your Health. [ViceLGBTQ people may experience body image issues and difficulties having relationship when they view mainstream pornography. Can more realistic LGBTQ sex scenes boost body image?

KKK “Trump Victory” Rally Canceled as Protesters Flood Streets in North Carolina. [Vice] Along with a photographer Catie Laffoon and videographer Lara Americo, I crossed Pelham, North Carolina and Danville, Virginia and back again as counter protesters chased the KKK and eventually rained on their planned victory parade.

antifascists-vice-articlePhoto Credit: Catie Laffoon

The Toll Activism Takes on Your Body.
[ViceProtesting for your rights takes more than mental strength — it can sap your physical energy as well. I talk about my experience in the Charlotte Uprising and how it can affect people’s physical health.

Enough About Hillary’s Lack of Makeup. [Bustle] When Hillary reappeared after losing the presidential election, people started talking about her not wearing makeup. I had this to say.

The best nachos in Charlotte, ranked. [CharlotteFive] I’ve written about nachos before, but not like this: This piece, also featured in The Charlotte Observer’s print CLT section, solidified my place as a local nachos expert like queso at the bottom of a tin plate.

2016-08-17 19.05.24

Rallying for Regular Lives in North Carolina. [Raleigh News & Observer] I watched House Bill 2 pass in the North Carolina General Assembly, an action that gave way to fear in the LGBTQ community. The removal of anti-discriminatory laws in the state made national news – and personally affected how I move and interact in my own city.

rallying lives photo
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North Carolina’s ‘Bathroom Bill’ Forced Me to Protest to Protect My Daily Life. [The EstablishmentHouse Bill 2 passed in the General Assembly on March 23, removing anti-discriminatory protections for virtually all people in North Carolina. This op-ed describes my personal story against the backdrop of local and national attention on the issue.

Establishment Pic Final

Op-Ed: Kids in the Bible Belt Need Our Help. [The Advocate] Back in 2013, there were no LGBT-only homeless shelters in North Carolina. Unfortunately, there still aren’t. Trans women are often forced to stay in the Men’s Shelter, which puts them in danger of being beaten and harassed. This piece delves into this permanent crisis, and how Time Out Youth, a local Charlotte agency that serves the LGBTQ community, is trying to help.

Life’s a Drag: Charlotte’s Queens had to Fight for the Right to be Themselves. [Creative Loafing] One of the best times I had writing a feature. I spent a Sunday afternoon at Dunkin’ Donuts in South End with two drag queens named BethAnn Phetamine and Lilith DeVille. Little did they know until I told them that we were sitting on hallowed ground: this was the former site of the first gay club in Charlotte, called Oleen’s. The goings on there is now modern myth.

bethann and lilith

Trans clothing drive provides comfortable environment for shoppers. [Creative Loafing] Way before House Bill 2 passed, transgender women and men had a need for a safe place to buy clothes. Follow one transgender woman as she  looks over a Bob Mackie jacket and twirls in a velvet dress — free to be herself and find the clothes that make her feel beautiful.

trans closet pic
Photo credit: Meredith Jones.

Shelter from the Storm: Time Out Youth. [Creative Loafing] I stepped into the now former location of Time Out Youth, a Charlotte agency for LGBT youth, one rainy fall evening in 2012. After writing this story, I would end up making a best friend out of one of the people I interviewed. Jordan Chris, thank you for sharing your story with me four years ago.

toy pic
Photo Credit: Logan Cyrus.


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