A weekly email newsletter is a key tool in your marketing arsenal, engaging with prospects, clients and fans in a way social media cannot: Storytelling in their inbox. My work with newsletters has brought high open rates across different industries and converted to new business for my clients.  Pair this with a weekly blog and you’ll become more in tune with your audience — and up your moneymaking potential.

The Bold Thing. Jenn Shull was looking for someone to match her voice and get in constant contact with her audience. We’ve been working together ever since. Jenn helps people think, speak and act from a bold place. Powered on neuroscience and coaching, she’s all about helping people make their goals really happen. From Wonder Woman references to decorating her tropical plants with Christmas lights, Jenn’s personality shines in every newsletter we send, and that’s what people want to hear each week.

Luscious Mother. Every Wednesday, Sarah Olin, founder of Luscious Mother Coaching for Moms, releases a newsletter to her list, and she gets a great response: Replies, forwards and conversions for her upcoming Luscious Retreat on June 2 through 4. Here’s one of her most popular newsletters (read the whole newsletter here).

LM newsletter snippet 

By George Communications. Amy George is a PR pro with a background in journalism, so getting her voice right in a monthly newsletter was key to growing her business. I helped her create the name, tone and content for her newsletter. Her voice is assured, at times playful and all around delightful. She gives LinkedIn tips and other business-savvy advice.

Native Content. 

The love child of editorial and advertorial content, this is the way to provide the benefits of your business without punching people in the face with a sales pitch. Perfect for whether you’re new or established, big or small, tall in a short way. I’ve done this for nonprofits and businesses. I can work with local and national media partners to get your content seen by the right readers and convert your content into cash. Let’s grab coffee and get you seen, heard and gaining the trust of potential clients in the process.

Charlotte Pride, Inc.

Different Roads Home

Web Pages

An effective web page helps people get to know you, your services or all of the above. You want visitors to go through your specific buyer’s journey, which can lead to your desired conversions. Whether you’re looking for buyers, return visitors or any other type of conversion, let’s get you on the right page.

Luscious Mother Retreat – Summer of (Self) Love


Video Scripts

Syntelli Solutions, a fast-growing Big Data analytics firm, needed a video for an awards ceremony that highlighted their role in the digital transformation of every day life. I highlighted how technology affects their clients’ health, purchases, adventures, and even relationships. The goal was to make the digital personal.

B2B Writing

My work with AccessData® as their senior copywriter reached clients in law enforcement, law firms, corporate legal counsel, and middle market companies. I created the right tone and voice, along with clear writing, for their company rebranding initiatives.

Recharged and Ready for You. For this campaign, I coined the tagline, “Recharged and Ready for You,” which was used to promote the company’s presence at the International Legal Tech Association 2015 and Legal Tech® New York 2016 conferences.

Recharged and ready for you.png

It’s Your Investigation. What’s Your Solution? To show the differences between AccessData’s two solutions, AD Enterprise® and AD eDiscovery®, I created savvy yet buoyant infographic copy. There’s even a Nancy Drew reference. See the full infographic here.

To Catch a Digital Predator SeriesCybercriminals are finding new ways to go undetected – and committing crimes via mobile devices. In Part I of this series for AccessData, I explore how cyber predators are lurking on mobile apps and law enforcement is scrambling to stop them before harming an innocent child. Part II delves into cracking encrypted mobile devices. (Note: This series was published before the iPhone/San Bernardino showdown.)

To Catch a (Digital) Predator Part I: Mobile Digital Devices

To Catch a (Digital) Predator Part II: How to Crack Encrypted Mobile Devices

Your place, our place, a virtual place. This brochure was part of an email campaign focused on AccessData’s training offerings. The goal was to encourage would-be learners to find their best training options, whether in-person or online.

Training drip campaign brochure

Legal Writing

As a former paralegal with eight years of experience, I write legal blogs and content that speaks to legal counsel seekers and attorneys.

Blog: On-The-Job Personal Injury & Workers’ Compensation

B2C Writing

As a freelance content writer at CCP Web Design, I crafted copy for our clients to reach their customers in meaningful, easy-to-read blogs.

Learn More About Jeff Clayton – Owner of JC Signs Charlotte. I interviewed and wrote the biography for the founder of JC Signs Charlotte, Jeff Clayton. My goal was to let Jeff’s personality shine and reveal the man behind the business. I also took his picture. He and his clients were wowed by the copy and his portrait.

Jeff Clayton screenshot.png


What People are Saying About Joanne Spataro

Sarah Olin, Founder of Luscious Mother Coaching for Moms

Sarah and Mirabelle Momsday

“Joanne is an absolute gift. She has completely changed the way I connect and communicate with my community. She has taken over my newsletter (which was already good) and turned it into something fantastic. She supports me with business strategy, looking at the big picture and paying attention to what my audience, clients and future clients want and need. She is efficient, a total professional and makes you sound and look better than you ever have. I could not recommend anyone more highly!”

Katie Coleman,
CharlotteFive Lead Content Editor | Magazines Digital Editor

IMG_3591 copy.jpg

“Working with Joanne is a breeze. She has no issue juggling multiple clients and projects at the same time and doesn’t miss deadline. She injects personality into copy, while staying on-brand for each piece. On our product geared toward millennials, Joanne’s articles consistently draw interest from readers, leading to turnover for our advertisers. With Joanne I know she’ll get the job done and it will be done well.”

Trish Saemann, GoBeyond SEO


“Finding strong writers is not an easy feat.  We have used Upwork and several other freelance sites to find writers.  Many of those writers were either poor quality or far too expensive.  Joanne is an excellent writer who listens carefully to the needs of her clients.  I found her price point to be fair and we appreciated her willingness to be flexible.  What’s more, her personality is genuine and comfortable.  We found working with her to be a true pleasure. I’d recommend her work without reservation.”

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