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Enjoying My Nachos with Pride

This (nachos) love of mine seems to be mutual. In its first day, my latest CharlotteFive article on the best ranked nachos in Charlotte soared to over 43,000 views.  That’s 10 times more than the original nachos article I wrote over a year ago. Hopefully this means I’ll be writing about nachos until I’m old and (still) gay.

Speaking of gay, I also wrapped up a weekend of hosting the Charlotte Pride Festival for the third year in a row. I had the honor of introducing Mayor Jennifer Roberts during the opening ceremony, all while wearing a vintage light blue sailor suit and cap’ain’s hat.

Charlotte has the coolest Mayor on Earth. #cltpride

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To further drag out my nachos and gay angle here, I had my favorite chips pile and cheese combo with my fairy drag mother, Delighted Tobehere. She gave me words of wisdom as she always does, always the right words at the right time. “Don’t go where you’re tolerated,” she said while we ate tortilla chips, “Go where you’re celebrated.”

Everyone knows it's windy…or @queendelighted and me. #cltpride

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And I always feel celebrated when my girlfriend Lara Americo and I spend time together. During the opening ceremony, she spoke about equality with the Queer and Trans People of Color Collective, plus she performed her original songs at Petra’s during Genderfusion, a variety show hosted by the trans and gender non-conforming group Transcend. I also stole a kiss from her onstage before the show during my sloppy yet satisfying karaoke version of Dionne Warwick’s hit, “I Say a Little Prayer.”

So happy to know them 💞

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I’m thinking I should combine nachos and Pride more seamlessly next year and come up with a catchy tag line: “When is Pride not Pride? When it’s Nacho Pride!”

Yeah, I’ll show myself out for that last one. See you at Tipsy Burro for the pork nachos with pineapple slaw (#3 on my best nachos list, natch) and see if I can get inspired again.



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