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My LGBT Friends and I came ready with signs, sass and facts against fear.

It seemed like a bad omen.

As I stood outside of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center in the rain, the rainbow beads of my bracelet popped off its fatigued string with no provocation. Each bead sling-shot into opposing directions, some landing in the grass, others on the wet sidewalk. I sighed as I picked each one up, determined not to leave even one of them behind. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Purple.

Charlotte City Council wanted to protect every color of the LGBT rainbow too, even if it was a painstaking process. Part eloquent discussion, part WWE smackdown, the LGBT non-discrimination ordinance meeting Monday night had it all.

Read the rest of my latest piece on the non-discrimination ordinance today on CharlotteFive.

I also reacted to the ordinance only 30 minutes after the decision on WCCB Edge.

edge nondiscrimination ordinance.png


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