Live performance is a drag

joanne pk

This past Saturday afternoon brought me to Sleepy Poet Antique Mall in Charlotte. Not only did I have a bloodlust for vintage 40s hats, but a legitimate reason to be shopping there at all: local environmental activist Ahmer Inam and I are are going to be presenting at Pecha Kucha Night Charlotte, Vol. 13 — and I needed a suit.

Do not ask me why. That part is a secret.

Pecha Kucha is a presentation style with 20 slides clocking in at 6 minutes and 40 seconds total. Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture invented the method as a way to keep otherwise lengthy presentations concise and fast-moving. The first Pecha Kucha night was held in Tokyo in February 2003.

I will be spending the next week and a half working on my ensemble, the script, and eating guacamole with corn chips to keep me fueled. Hopefully I’ll get to see your fabulous face on April 30 — or just your face. Either way, I’d be happy to see you there.

Until then, keep looking out windows. You might see something you like.


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