Still Praying the Gay Away?

hey hater bye hater final image

My friend Charles Easley wrote about the viral video that made me both snort laugh and shake my head this morning. It stars a gay man who was “saved” by the Holy Spirit from his man-loving ways — but obviously not from his “paisley Liberace jacket,” as Easley describes. Or muster-hued frilly tie and matching pocket square.

Each line of this man’s testimony needs to be turned into individual logo T-shirts:

“I’m not gay no more. I am delivered. I don’t like mens no more. I said I like women. Women, women, women! I said women! I’m not gay. I would not date a man. I would not carry a purse. I would not put on makeup. I will love a women.”

I like women too, sir. Because I’m a lesbian.

The newly saved man solidified his woman-loving ways with a dance right out of Paris is Burning, the iconic film about the drag ball scene in the 1980s. He was the Pepper LaBeija of his going-in-instead-of-coming-out party. Then a bunch of mostly men from the audience came up to put their hands on him and dance close together. There’s nothing more heterosexual than a man dancing cheek to cheek with other men.

I’ve had my experiences with bigots hiding behind their religion — I was riding on my Pillow Talk with Joanne float when I passed two protesters holding up signs filled with hate speech. One was an old man who started grinding his teeth and looked ready to spat on me if I had been close enough to him. He kept shaking his head and muttering “shit” under his breath. He was so mad at someone he didn’t even know that he was seething. Seething! Then a young man with a lush head of dark hair pointed at me and said, “Repent, you whore!” I shouted at him that I loved him. Every time he said something disgusting as I passed him, I told him I loved him. He finally got confused and said, “Yes, but…” See, already made a new fan.

LGBT people should not have to chose between their church and sexuality. That’s why I love seeing resources like gaychurch.org that provide a comprehensive directory of LGBT-affirming churches. Plus, there’s a whole section on how to reconcile your faith and sexuality — Calling The Rainbow Nation Home by Reverend Elaine Sundby is a solid book noted on this page.

The full video is below for you to enjoy. Happy Tuesday.


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