Treat. Yo. Self.

Cookout MilkshakeMy sister Eva knows me better than most people. This is a burden for most, but she has the shoulders to carry it off. She emails me funny clips and Reddit images every day. Two of them made giggle too much this week: they were the Treat. Yo. Self scenes from a 2009 episode of Parks and Recreation (which I’ve added at the end of this post). In this episode, co-workers Tom (Aziz Ansari) and Donna (Retta) spend one day out of the year splurging on clothes, fragrances, and even fine leather goods. Tom tries on slippies, aka shoes, and Donna fawns over a diamond-encrusted beetle pin.

Eva had a reason for sending me these clips: I’ve been treating myself during Staff Appreciation Week at my office. Not to boast too much, but I’ve been living it up like a porn star on a speed boat full of, um, whatever porn stars really like that isn’t sex-based. Here’s my top five indulgences of the week, because I’m too relaxed to do a commentary on how the modern workplace edict of sitting in front of a computer for eight hours a day is killing us:

1) Hot breakfast on Monday: More hashbrowns for the lady, please!

2) Strawberry Cookout milkshake on Tuesday: I started with a straw, but then graduated to a spoon. I was also going to drink my milkshake and work, which proved to be impossible. It was a milkshake love affair for a good fifteen minutes.

3) A chair massage on Wednesday: That woman attacked my back and made me feel reborn.

4) A nice lunch out on Thursday: I LOVE falafel wraps!

5) A cocktail party with HOT FOOD today: Forget wine, pass the chicken fingers.

Happy Friday to all of my fabulous Look It’s Joanne peeps!


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