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(Drag) Queen of Hearts: Roxy C. Moorecox

Roxy: The (Drag) Queen of Hearts
Photo Credit: Meredith Jones

Drag queen Roxy C. Moorecox is my fairy godmother. I first called her last April when I was writing a cover story for Creative Loafing on the local drag scene in Charlotte. She became my guide to all things marabou-feathered. I called her with questions almost every day. She always answered without a hint of annoyance or exhaustion — including the time I literally woke her up.  I even called her while she was hosting Trivia Tuesday. She held her cell phone up to the audience, saying, “Everyone, say hello to Joanne!”

When I asked Roxy to perform for my birthday last December, she planned an intimate cabaret-style set at The Bar at 316 for my friends and me. She sang — live, not lipsynched — my personal theme song, “I Am What I Am” in front of a baby grand piano filled with balloons. It meant a lot to me, especially since her week had been jam-packed with shows. She put a new spin on me turning a year older.

Roxy helped me celebrate a milestone — my 27th birthday –and now it’s her turn to take on a new chapter. In my latest for Creative Loafing, Roxy explains how she’s branching out from the bar scene to star in Bang! A One Woman Show! at Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte on Friday, Feb 1 and Saturday, Feb 2 at 8 p.m. For the first time in her career, she must follow pre-set lighting cues and stick to a script — plus reveal new sides of herself. The new venue may entice new drag performer fans who are either too tired or intimidated to see a drag show in a bar after midnight.

Knowing Roxy like I do, she’ll start and end with a — well, you know.


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