Flashback Friday?

Flashback Friday
Me, age 7ish

I am probably the last person to hear about Throwback Thursday.

If you have been under a rock like moi, people post pictures of when they were younger on Facebook or Twitter for Throwback Thursday. I call posting younger photos of yourself deception. Or creating an online dating profile.

But I don’t want to be too grumpy. Looking at old pictures of people I know appeals to my lifelong love of snooping. I like to examine people’s old hairstyles to gage whether they were teens in the 80s, 90s, or 1890s. Then I calculate their alleged current ages to see who’s rounding down.

I have also seen a Flashback Friday hashtag, where the younger version of you is not only sporting an outdated hairstyle, but you are also doing something outdated. Maybe you were in line at the midnight showing of the second Harry Potter movie. Or, like me at that time, you were writing torrid fiction stories in her diary and wearing enormous rainbow sweaters.

I am combining Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday into one to kick off the weekend. I present to you me in a lime green bathing suit, looking irritated that someone has interrupted me reading what can only be The New York Times Magazine. I still think those sunglasses work today. They better. I still own a version of them.

What’s your adorable or not so adorable flashback picture?


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